Decentralized Real-Time Consulting

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Pre-sale Ends On 9th Dec 2017

What Is ConsultEth?

ConsultEth is an Ethereum-based application that aims to disrupt the consulting industry by facilitating the rise of a fully decentralized, real-time consulting marketplace where consultants and clients engage courtesy of novel decentralized technologies

The Consulting Revolution

ConsultEth is an Ethereum-based meteor application that integrates Smart-Contract Technology and WebRTC (p2p video and audio call technology) to enable a decentralized real-time consulting market. Also utilizes MetaMask(Chrome/FirefoxExtension) for account creation, management and signing blockchain-bound transactions.

Traditional Firms

  • Explore digital transformation


  • Deploy Next-Gen Ethereum based consulting firms


  • Enhanced flexibility. Work at consultEth virtual workplace


Experience timely, convinient & secure online consultations

Our Crowdsale

ConsulTX tokens are compatible to all Ethereum enabled wallets including: MetaMask, Ethereum Wallet, Jaxx Wallet, Parity & MyEtherWallet. The tokens behave as any standard ERC20 token. Interested stake holders participate in the crowd sale by sending Ether to address below

Pre-ICO Address:0xad68d68214e0efefed98a3fe678f2ee7f8100ded

The object of sale in this crowdsale is ConsultEth's native token ConsulTX (CTX)

Week 1
1 ETH: 1000 CTX
Week 2 & 3
1 ETH: 850 CTX

Tokens On Sale: 30,000,000 CTX
Foundation Pre-mine: 14,000,000 CTX
Current Supply: CTX
ConsulTX CAP: 94,000,000 CTX

Target Amount

30,000 ETH

Amount Raised


The remaining tokens amounting to 50,000,000 CTX shall be issued during the ICO period date. The exact date for the ICO will be communicated later