Letters: Annapolis needs to revamp its planning process; healthy soil can help counter global warming

Annapolis development Based on the re-emergence of the Eastport Shopping Center project and my observations on the progress of the Annapolis Yacht Club and 110 Compromise Street projects along with the negative impacts they will have on the “feel” and actual functioning of our community, I am reminded of a brief discussion held at a […]

The world needs great strides to fight global warming. Climate talks in Poland delivered only baby steps

On Saturday night, at the end of two weeks of meetings in Katowice, Poland, delegates from nearly 200 nations gave themselves a standing ovation for their accomplishments in combating climate change. But even though they no doubt worked very hard on a very difficult issue, the fact is that their enthusiastic self-congratulations were undeserved. The […]

Worried about the international panel report on global warming? Go read Octavia Butler’s ‘Earthseed’ books

Given what we’ve long known about the impact of carbon emissions on our atmosphere, the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should not have been surprising, and yet it hasn’t been greeted with nearly the amount of shock it deserves. The report makes clear that we are essentially cooking the planet, that […]

Looking for a shred of good news on global warming? Consider the explosion of cheaper clean energy

It’s clear that 2018 was a terrible year for Earth’s climate. California saw the deadliest and most destructive wildfires in its history, the continually thawing Arctic got down to the last 5% of its oldest and thickest ice, and after slowing in recent years, greenhouse gas emissions were once again on the rise. This year […]

‘Incredibly grim’ prognosis on global warming also carries clarion call for global action

A major new report on global warming makes a chilling prediction: Without swift and sweeping worldwide intervention, some devastating effects of climate change will hit harder — and decades sooner — than previously expected. The report, released Monday by a U.N. organization, served as a stark reminder of President Trump’s status as a global outlier […]

Speak out: Restrict driving to ease global warming

Cause of global warming: Man-made global warming is blamed for almost every weather disaster. And what is the major cause? Vehicle exhaust emissions. Look at America’s society. Vehicles are in motion like ants on an ant hill. The answer is to restrict driving. It is just a restless habit just like smoking once was. People […]

As global warming continues, Trump wants to burn fossil fuels with an arsonist’s glee

Here’s some disquieting, if unsurprising, news: The world is nowhere near where it needs to be if we are to mitigate the worst effects of global warming. That’s the gist of a report to be delivered this week in South Korea by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an independent body providing scientific analysis on […]

Global warming: Our choice to trade fossil fuels for clean energy

While watching television, my wife and I saw a charismatic couple buying a beachfront house. We couldn’t help but notice their lack of concern about rising sea levels. “Look, views everywhere with the ocean on either side,” the wife exclaimed. The camera then panned away so that we could see the thin spit of sand […]

President Trump’s tweet trivializes global warming

As usual our president has not failed us in once again surprising us with his tweets. Claiming we need “global warming” is not only an insult to the scientific community, but is also demeaning to the true consequences of global warming. While conventional wisdom tells us that we must choose between money and the environment, […]

Bicyclists need to ride single file, obey laws; president needs to lead on global warming

Cyclists need to use caution The recent death and injuries that took place on State Road 84 are a tragedy, but in many ways are the fault of the bicyclists themselves. State law requires that bicyclists ride in a single row, not two, three, four or more abreast of each other. Many times on a […]